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Experience the revolutionary self-hypnosis system
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to unlock the full potential of your subconscious mind.


You’ve just found the world’s most advanced self-hypnosis system from Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones.

Steve G. Jones

Master Hypnotherapist, Steve G. Jones

Steve is known as the “Celebrity Hypnotherapist” due to his work with many top Hollywood celebrities and high-flying executives, who pay up to $25,000 per two-hour session for his cutting-edge methodologies and the powerful, consistent results they deliver.

Thanks to this brand new website, now you too can use Steve’s revolutionary HypnoTranquility® System to hypnotize yourself from the comfort of your own home–and enjoy the easiest, fastest, most enjoyable path to profound change through clinical hypnosis.

Your mind’s best-kept-secret.

Self-hypnosis is the scientific method by which a trained professional helps you guide yourself into an alternate state of mind, and reprogram your subconscious to achieve a specific goal. Some of the most popular applications include:

  • Effective, lasting and healthy weight loss without relapses or internal struggles
  • Resistance-free elimination of bad habits like smoking, snacking and gambling
  • Improve your money mindset , allowing you to earn, save and invest better
  • Enhancing your creativity and problem-solving skills so you can get ahead in your career and personal life
  • Boosting your self-confidence for better performance in social situations and a heightened sense of self-worth
  • Positive attitude readjustment to eliminate unwanted thoughts patterns like negativity, hopelessness and depression

Eliminates even the most stubborn inner resistance.

In the past decade, self-hypnosis has emerged as one of the most effective and popular applications of clinical hypnosis. Every year, more and more people are discovering the surprising potential of this unique form of “do-it-yourself” therapy, which allows for virtually resistance-free positive transformation, without the need for costly and time-consuming sessions with a professional hypnotist.

Why is it resistance-free?

Because unlike other mental reprogramming techniques like meditation or visualization, self-hypnosis allows you to focus solely on your subconscious mind. Your senses and your conscious thoughts are essentially deactivated during the self-hypnosis process, which means you don’t get distracted by stray thoughts or sounds, you don’t lose focus, and you never suffer lapses in willpower.

Your senses and your conscious thoughts are completely deactivated during the hypnosis process, which eliminates typical obstacles like sensory distractions, lack of focus, and lapses in willpower.

  • According to the University of Washington, 81% of people who used hypnosis to quit smoking were successfully able to butt out! 81% annually.
  • Harvard reported that 41% of people healed fractures faster with the help of hypnosis.
  • 90% In a study by the University of Connecticut, subjects using hypnosis lost more weight than 90% of others..And kept it off!

So how do you get self-hypnosis working for you?

Learning self-hypnosis is an easy, enjoyable and life-changing process–provided you stick to a proven framework. After over two decades of teaching self-hypnosis to people across the world, Steve has condensed the learning process into 4 easy steps, which he calls “The 4 Building Blocks of Self-Hypnosis”. Follow the following steps, and you’ll be self-hypnotizing like a pro before you know it:

1. Understand self-hypnosis.

Knowledge is power. The best way to start your journey is to get an overview of self-hypnosis, learn how it works, and understand the nature of the subconscious mind. Once you know more about this fascinating process, it’s time to…

2. Build the fundamentals.

The preparation for self-hypnosis is similar to goal setting: you need to define your expectations, make a commitment to seeing them through and master the art of self-motivation and positive imagery. Building a solid mental base will serve you well in the next step, which is when you’ll…

3. Relax!

The most important aspect of self-hypnosis is learning how to relax your mind and senses into a hypnotic state for subconscious programming, where outside inteferences and mind chatter are eliminated. This relaxation process is known as an ‘induction’, and it involves visualizing yourself in a specific scenario, such as taking a walk by the beach or flying through the air. Inductions vary in length and purpose, and you should learn a variety of them to suit your specific objectives. Once you master inductions, only one step remains:

4. Become a scriptwriter.

Like a movie script, your self-hypnosis script dictates your experience and your outcome. Learning how to make your own script allows you to customize your self-hypnosis practice to suit your unique needs. For example if you want to lose weight, you must know how to write a script that addresses the underlying issues behind your excess weight. This may sound challenging, but studying existing scripts and learning the methodologies behind them will make you an expert self-hypnosis scriptwriter in no time!

Hypnotically effective.

The HypnoTranquility® System is Steve’s flagship home training program designed to train you in the 4 abovementioned Building Blocks, so you can master every aspect of self-hypnosis. It’s suitable for beginners and experienced self-hypnotists alike, and contains Steve’s entire scope of proprietary tools, exercises and lessons, spread out across 14 intuitive modules. Features include:

  • Learn self-hypnosis the right way.The HypnoTranquility® System contains complete step-by-step training on the fundamentals of self-hypnosis, so you learn quicker, get better results, and build a solid foundation for future learnings.
  • Master the art of relaxation.The HypnoTranquility® System includes a wide variety of engaging induction scenarios to engage your five senses and guide you into a deeply hypnotic state.
  • Customize your experience.By training you to write your own self-hypnosis scripts, The HypnoTranquility® System gives you an experience tailor-made to your personal needs–and the life-changing results to show for it.
  • Take it to the next level. The HypnoTranquility® System takes you beyond the basics and trains you on advanced self-hypnosis techniques like Deepening and Amnesia, so you get more out of your practice.
  • It’s like having Steve right beside you.The HypnoTranquility® System includes a set of 6 Titanium Audio® hypnosis sessions, where Steve himself guides you into self-hypnosis for a variety of popular goals, including weight loss, quitting smoking, positivity and motivation.



The recordings have really changed my life!

I’ve gotten more confident, stopped drinking so much, my hair has grown back and I really feel the abundance flowing in my life!

— Lynn Stonehocker

I am now down almost two sizes.

I can now go for long walks, sometimes for hours at a time. This walking has also helped me with weight loss.

— Elizabeth

I did quit smoking all thanks to hypnosis!

I used to smoke 1 pack a day for about 8 years of time, I did love cigarettes but hated how I loved something I knew was not good for my health. Now I can’t even stand other people smoking.

— Hanna Sadues


If you want to make a positive change in your life, Steve G. Jones can make the difference. He did with me.

— Tom Mankiewicz, Writer of Superman the Movie


I am a trained hypnotist but use Steve’s MP3s in my personal life.

The wide range of topics and the wide range of electronic techniques is perfect for my busy lifestyle. I have increased in confidence, stress management and insight. This has also helped me be a better therapist.

I recommend Steve without reservation. His scripts and electronic enhancements make his MP3s the best I have found. His sale specials make them affordable for just about everyone.

Hypnosis can be part of self improvement or on a different level a great self treatment to any ongoing mental health or counseling concern. Steve’s products are a great compliment on both levels.

— Mik Nels, Trained Hypnotist


Initially I wanted to change my negative thinking and learn to think in terms of abundance and as well learn to improve my meditation practice.

Then I started getting anxiety and depression and found the tapes helped with those also (but of course I also sought medical and counselling therapy help as well). In combination with doing other things I find hypnotherapy brilliant for sustaining all-round, good health and wellbeing. I enjoy the visualisations very much.

I would recommend hypnosis to others. It helps to get into a deep relaxation state and having the tapes or guided hypnosis is a way to allocate space and time and to focus on that and stop distractions – thus I am able to regularly maintain my peace of mind by using hypnotherapy. I use the tapes mostly but occasionally see a hypnotherapist in person as well.

— Adrianne Isnard, Hypnosis Enthusiast

What’s Included



* An essential introduction to your self-hypnosis training

* Learn the history and concepts behind hypnotherapy, and the components of a self-hypnosis session

* How to prepare your mindset and environment for the upcoming sessions

NEXT: MODULE 2Getting In The Zone With Inductions »



* An induction is the process by which one enters a hypnotic state

* This module focuses on Relaxation Inductions, and how to involve all five of your senses for the most immersive experience

* You’ll also listen to a few sample inductions, including Beach, City and Flying scenarios

NEXT: MODULE 3Deepening For Better Results »



* The art of deepening focuses on deepening your hypnotic state following your induction

* A step-by-step guide to implement deepening on yourself

* How to combine induction and deepening for even more immersive hypnotherapy sessions

NEXT: MODULE 4Engineering Your Experience With Scripts »



* Like a movie script, your hypnotherapy script dictates your experience

* How to program yourself with a script of your choice, and enjoy a hypnotherapy session fully customized to your needs

* Listen to a few sample scripts from a wide range of topics, from positive attraction to astral projection, to illustrate the sheer diversity of subjects and scenarios you can cover

NEXT: MODULE 5The Five-Week Weight Loss Method »



* T* Learn the powerful five-week method Steve uses with his Beverly Hills clients to help them easily and efficiently melt away fat and keep it off permanently

* Each week focuses on a different topic, from confidence to eating habits to exercise

NEXT: MODULE 6The Three-Week Smoke-Free Method »



* Forget gum and patches; hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking for good in just three weeks. Here you’ll learn a variety of Steve’s advanced (and extremely effective) smoking cessation techniques

* The techniques you’ll learn here include anchoring, trigger removal and subconscious reprogramming

NEXT: MODULE 7The Titanium Fat Buster session »



* Reprogram your mind for effortless weight loss with this highly demanded hypnosis audio, normally sold for $89.95

* With your mind on your side, you’ll never again struggle with emotional eating, impulsive binges and feelings of hopelessness and defeat

NEXT: MODULE 8The Titanium Freedom From Smoking session »



* Quitting smoking is a mind game, and this powerful hypnosis audio (normally sold for $89.95) gives you the upper hand

* By tackling the innermost triggers and emotions that drive you to smoke in the first place, it’s arguably the most effortless and painless solution out there

NEXT: MODULE 9The Titanium Self Hypnosis Mastery session »



* This hypnosis audio, which normally sells here for $XX, focuses on improving your ability to self-hypnotize

* Sit back and relax as Steve lays down the mental foundations to help you accomplish self-hypnosis with consistence and ease

NEXT: MODULE 10The Titanium Unbreakable Motivation session »



* Normally sold for $89.95, this empowering hypnosis audio gives you an instant and lasting pick-me-up to keep your spirits high–even under the most adverse circumstances.

* Never again struggle with keeping your motivation and energy levels consistently high

NEXT: MODULE 11The Titanium Blissful Relaxation session »



* Having a tough day at work? Stressed out with the family? Use this soothing hypnosis audio, normally sold for $89.95, to instantly melt away even the most stubborn stress and anxiety

* Bathe yourself in a serene sensation of relaxation, calmness and acceptance, whenever you need it

NEXT: MODULE 12The Titanium Positive Attitude session »



* With this hypnosis audio, normally sold here $89.95, you’ll never fail to see the glass as half full

* Enjoy the added productivity and happiness of a perpetually positive mindset

NEXT: MODULE 13HypnoTranquility background music »



* Extracted directly from my Gold level hypnotherapy recordings, these immersive music tracks have been engineered specifically to tunnel into your subconscious and get you in the zone

* Perfect for your own hypnotherapy sessions and recordings.

ORDER NOW!Order All 13 CDs today and receive 3 free gifts »


Titanium Audio®: the next level of clinical self-hypnosis

The HypnoTranquility System is powered by our proprietary Titanium Audio® technology, which dramatically improves on the existing modalities of self-hypnosis through 6 key benefits:


Better, faster, virtually effortless results

Every session in the HypnoTranquility System has been meticulously infused with elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which among other things allows you to look into your future and see yourself in your desired state. This vision “embeds” that positive change into your subconscious mind, so you get better results, faster and more easily.


An engaging and consistently effective learning experience.

There are many methods (a.k.a. “relaxation scenarios”) to enter a hypnotic state, such as imagining yourself walking on a beach, or relaxing in the city. Most lesser hypnotherapists will recycle the same one over and over, but the HypnoTranquility System utilizes a vast variety of scenarios to give you a more engaging experience and consistently effective results even after prolonged use of the program.


A dramatically deeper, calmer level of relaxation.

By manipulating the way in which the human mind processes sound, Binaural Tone technology allows for a dramatically deeper, calmer level of relaxation. Every session in the HypnoTranquility System utilizes our proprietary Binaural Tone technology, which was developed with world-class doctors and sound engineers in our custom-built studio. This is the exact same level of technology used by the Monroe Institute and other leading research institutions.


Longer sessions, deeper immersion.

In many cases profound change may only occur after a subject remains in a hypnotized state for an extended period of time, i.e. at least 20 minutes. Unlike many other hypnosis programs with sessions lasting as little as 15 minutes, the hypnosis session in the HypnoTranquility® System extend up to a full hour, guaranteeing deeper immersion and better results.


Fine-tune your subconscious mind.

Analog Marking is the practice of programming the subconscious mind by embedding commands for positive change in a hypnosis session. In practice, this typically means placing a strong emphasis on certain words within the session. While your conscious mind will not notice this taking place, your subconscious mind will absorb the Analog Markerand reprogram itself accordingly.


A pleasurable listening experience.

Stereo imaging is the audio term used for the aspect of sound recording and reproduction concerning spatial locations of the performers, both laterally and in depth. In practice, this makes for a more immersive and pleasurable experience when listening to the hypnosis sessions.

It’s time to snap out of it.

You may not realize it, but you’ve been ‘hypnotized’ all your life. The media, the government, corporations, your teachers, your parents, your friends… everyone has their own unique way of influencing your subconscious mind, and controlling how you act, think and live your life.

Is this a bad thing? It depends. The subconscious mind can be programmed for good as much as for bad. Advertising can program you to enjoy McDonald’s, or to enjoy fruits and salads. Your friends can program you to spend money frivolously, or to invest it wisely. Politicians and opinion leaders can program you to hurt others in the name of nationalism or religion, or to be a kind, caring person.

The important point here is that as long as you remain out of touch with your subconscious mind, you’ll always be at the mercy of external influencers. But by empowering you to directly influence your own subconscious mind, self-hypnosis allows you to reconnect with who you really are, and start living life on your own terms.

7 reasons to use the HypnoTranquility® System

Drawing on over 20 years of experience and research, the HypnoTranquility® System is by far the most powerful, easy-to-use and value-for-money self-hypnosis system in the market today. Here’s why:


  • 1.

    Industry-leading quality from the world’s top hypnosis professionals

    Steve is one of the most recognized and in-demand names in the clinical hypnosis industry. The entire HypnoTranquility® System utilizes his industry-leading scientific methodologies, and was developed in conjunction with leading medical professionals, sound engineers and researchers from across the world. You won’t find anything close to this level of quality in any other self-hypnosis product.

  • 2.

    Cutting-edge Titanium Audio® technology

    The HypnoTranquility® System is the only self-hypnosis program in the world to use Titanium Audio® technology. Improving on existing hypnosis methodologies in 6 key areas, this technology was specifically developed by Steve and his team to give you substantially better results, ease of use, and a more immersive and enjoyable experience. You’ll definitely see the difference.

  • 3.

    Customize your own hypnosis experience

    The HypnoTranquility® System includes all the tools, such as tutorials, exercises, and even a background music database to help you write your own self-hypnosis scripts and perform them on yourself. You’ll learn how to tailor-make a script for ANY goal, whether it’s to overcome a specific fear, embed a specific positive habit in your subconscious, or boost your abilities in a specific career or skill. You’ll be able to create a new customized script whenever a new challenge or desire surfaces in your life, making the HypnoTranquility System® a program you’ll refer to over and over again for the rest of your life.


  • 4.

    Unbeatable value for money

    The HypnoTranquility® System includes over $600 worth of Titanium Audio® tracks, which Steve normally sells separately on his website. You’re getting all of them, along with Steve’s entire self-hypnosis training curriculum, for a fraction of the price. You may find cheaper self-hypnosis programs out there, but none are as value for money as the HypnoTranquility® System.

  • 5.

    It’s like having a one-on-one with Steve himself

    It’s normal for Hollywood celebrities and top executives to get on a 6-month long waiting list, just so they can pay Steve $25,000 for a two-hour session. Why? Because Steve’s training delivers world-class RESULTS. With the HypnoTranquility® System you’re getting the exact same tools, exercises and techniques from the comfort of your home. It’s as good as coming into Steve’s office for a personal session–without the waiting and the hefty price tag.

  • 6.

    No experience necessary

    With the HypnoTranquility® System, you don’t need any prior hypnosis experience to enjoy life-changing results. Everything you need to quickly, easily and painlessly grow from beginner to pro in is already here. And if you’re _already_ a pro, you’ll still find many ways to improve your results through Steve’s industry-leading methodologies.

  • 7.

    Join a global community

    When you use the HypnoTranquility® System, you’re also getting a lifetime membership to our thriving online community of self-hypnosis practitioners. Through our secure online membership area you can ask questions, seek and provide help and share experiences with Steve and thousands of other self-hypnosis practitioners from across the globe, so you can both accelerate your own learning and contribute your wisdom to others.

About Steve

ImageImagine living the life you deserve to live! A life in which YOU have unlimited wealth, focus, and confidence. You see endless, exciting possibilities and you feel so good about it. Steve G. Jones has devoted his life to making sure you achieve this goal easily. He has focused his genius on developing a powerful line of hypnosis CD’s to launch you powerfully in the direction of ultimate success. New opportunities await you, so start your journey now.

Steve G. Jones also sees clients in his private practice for a number of conditions. Among them are: weight loss, anxiety, smoking cessation, test taking, phobias (such as fear of flying), nail biting, road rage, anger management, IBS, general wellness, pre-surgical and pre-dental pain control, natural childbirth, and many others.

Steve G. Jones is a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Steve G. Jones, M.Ed. has been practicing hypnotherapy since the 1980s. He is the author of 14 books on Hypnotherapy. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, on the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association, and director of the California state registered Steve G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy. In order to keep up with the very latest in research, he regularly attends training conferences.

In the mid 80′s, Steve began study at the University of Florida. His primary research focus was cognitive psychology, understanding how people learn. Much of his early research was published in psychology journals in late 80′s. Meanwhile, he continued practicing hypnosis outside of academia on a regular basis.

From 1990 to 1995, he was fortunate to counsel families and individuals. During this time he finished his degree in psychology at the University of Florida and went on to graduate studies in counseling. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida (1994), a master’s degree in education from Armstrong Atlantic State University (2007), and is currently working on a doctorate in education, Ed.D., at Georgia Southern University.

Steve G. Jones sees clients for a variety of conditions. Among them are: weight loss, anxiety, smoking cessation, test taking, phobias (such as fear of flying), nail biting, road rage, anger management, IBS, general wellness, pre-surgical and pre-dental pain control, natural childbirth, and many others.

In business settings, he is regularly called upon by sales teams to boost salesperson motivation. His straightforward techniques have significantly and consistently increased sales.

Steve G. Jones also works extensively with Hollywood actors, writers, directors, and producers, helping them achieve their very best.


I use Steve’s tapes to address any problem I encounter. Lately I was working with the tapes on total confidence.

I use the subliminal recordings during the day and every night I use the platinum recording when going to bed. They worked like a charm. I got a lot more work done with ease and in a happy spirit. I feel so much more confident in what I am doing and my future is looking brighter than ever. Lots of opportunities are comming my way now.

I would recommend Hypnosis to everyone, because this is the only way to bypass the conscious mind and get into touch with the powerful subconscious mind. You can achieve anything you like, really.

I love the products of Steve G. Jones. Most of the time I don’t get passed the second breathing session and I’m out. Everything is happening for me while I am sleeping.

— Christine Lindner,


Steve G Jones has changed my life , I learned how to hypnotize my self and most important that I hypnotized my 16 year old daughter and she is getting excellent grades at school , she now has more confidence and now knows that anything is possible if she wants it really bad. Thanks to Steve G Jones.

— Norma Furriel


The Bold HypnoTranquility® Triple Guarantee

Three distinct promises for your peace of mind:

Guarantee #1: Quality

The sheer quality of every lesson, every technique and every exercise in the HypnoTranquility® System will exceed your every expectation. Even the product design and the online membership area have been made with the greatest of care.

If for any reason you don’t absolutely _love_ the HypnoTranquility® System, even if you don’t like the color of the cover or the speed of Steve’s voice in the recordings, just email us at any time in the next 60 days for a prompt and courteous refund. Plus we’ll insist you keep all the bonus gifts for free just for trying us out.

Guarantee #2: Results

Upon using the HypnoTranquility® System, you’ll notice virtually _instant_ results that will only get better in the coming days, weeks and months. Remember you can also write to us at any time for personal guidance and tips.

If after using the program you are still for whatever reason not capable of performing effective self-hypnosis, write to us and we will personally help you with tips and advice. Our personal coach will give you as much guidance as you need, but you can still choose to claim your refund at any time within the 60 days.

Guarantee #3: Impact on Your Life

The HypnoTranquility® System will turn you into a highly capable self-hypnosis practitioner, and spark _profound positive changes_ in every aspect of your life.

If upon listening to the tutorial audios, using the Titanium Audio® sessions and going through all the bonuses, you have still not experienced profound change worth at least 10 times the price of this program, simply contact us. We will offer you the opportunity for free personal guidance or a full refund. Your choice.

We stick by our claims.

If for any unlikely reason the HypnoTranquility® System doesn’t live up to +any+ of these three promises, just drop us an email. You can opt for FREE personal coaching, or a prompt and courteous refund within 60 days of your date of purchase.


Order Today & Save

  • All 13 CDs of the program.
  • 60 days Risk Free Guarantee

Plus the 3 Free Extra Bonuses!

  • BONUS 1: My Visualization- Harness the power of creative visualization.
  • BONUS 2: Time Frenzy-Become a master of time management, be more productive and eliminate stress.
  • BONUS 3: Positive Thinking- Use self-hypnosis to program your mind with positive thoughts and natural success.


Convenience at your finger tips!

  • All 13 CDs of the program.
  • 60 days Risk Free Guarantee

Available where and when you want it.

  • Upload the Self Hypnosis Mastery program to your ipod
  • Listen to your program where and when it’s convenient for you
  • High quality sound created by one of the top Hypnotherapists in the world


Last year I purchased some subliminal programs from Steve G. Jones and I have been listening to a couple of them on a fairly regular basis since then. The two that I have been using on a regular basis are Pain Management and Weight Loss.

I copied the programs from the computer to a disk and I play it at night when I go to sleep. First comes the pain management, and after that the weight loss system. Both on one CD.

At this particular time I can honestly say that as far as back pain goes, I barely have any. I can now go for long walks, sometimes for hours at a time. This walking has also helped me with weight loss. I am now down almost two sizes. I am sure that the subliminal messages have given me the power to walk this much, because over a year ago I really couldn’t be bothered walking for ½ an hour because of the pain I used to get in my lower spine. Pat might remember me telling her that I had been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, and right now I can honestly say that I am feeling terrific.

My Grand daughter has even asked if I can let her borrow my disk so that she can try it.

My thanks to Steve for such a helpful program.

— Elizabeth


Digital Collection


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Get the entire program shipped to you anywhere in the world.


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Physical + Digital Collection


The entire physical program shipped PLUS instant access to the online course.

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    ? How can we create an ambiance that will bring people back to the stadium?" To meet that challenge, the league has encouraged franchises to customize venues everything from food to Wi Fi Cheap Adidas Yeezy Boost 2016 connectivity. The New England Patriots have sold out every home game at Gillette Stadium since 1994. They partially credit stadium upgrades like allowing fans to watch instant replays on their Cheap Yeezy Boost 350 Release smartphones. Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, the brand new home of the San Francisco 49ers, has 1,200 Wi Fi access points, some tucked beneath seats, to keep tech savvy fans connected to their smartphones. But not every team can build a brand new stadium. Jacksonville’s EverBank Stadium is 20 years old and last year’s attendance fell by 100,000 fans. "We have to work really hard to make sure that it’s a distinctly different and a better experience than staying at home and watching the game on TV," said Jaguars president Mark Lamping. The franchise invested more than $63 million in their stadium

    The 1950 1951 Ford Crestliner was a limited edition tudor sedan distinguished by a vivid contrasting "color sweep" along the body sides,Wholesale Carson Palmer Jersey, not unlike the pattern on classic era LeBaron custom bodies. (Bob Gregorie,Yeezy 550 New Release, who claimed some credit for it,John Brown Jersey Paypal Online, said once that LeBaron’s famous color sweep had inspired him.) Ford Crestliners came with standard fender skirts,oakleys sales, and the two tone color was repeated on the padded vinyl top,Cheap Adidas 750 Online Shopping, replicating the look of a convertible. Like the convertible,discount ray bans, the Ford Crestliner came only with a V 8. Ford Crestliners were distinguished by wild two tone combinations that were ahead of their time in 1950; chartreuse and black was one memorable example. Interiors were color keyed to exteriors,Cheap LaMarr Woodley Jersey, with lush materials. Full wheel covers,Replica Joseph Fauria Jersey, and the "Crestliner" script in anodized gold on the front fenders,discount nfl jerseys, were part of the package. Whereas the Custom Ford Tudor started at $1,wholesale jerseys china,511,cheap christian louboutin outlet, the Ford Crestliner cost $200 extra,Replica 350 Boost Online, which was not much for the distinction it offered (and $250 less than the convertible). Ford sold over 17,cheap football jerseys,000 Crestliners in 1950,cheap michael kors, more than management had expected. Although a hardtop appeared for 1951,Wholesale Sean Weatherspoon Jersey, the Ford Crestliner was left in the line to use up remaining special trim. Production of the 1951 Ford Crestliner was much smaller as a result. The 1951 face lift (double spinner grille,replica ray bans, handsome new dash with instruments and controls set asymmetrically) combined with scarcity of numbers make the 1951 Ford Crestliner a very desirable collector’s item. But try to find one for sale!
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    The fiberglass bodied 1953 Buick Wildcat that starred at the 1953 Motorama should have been destroyed,cheap michael kors bags, per General Motors edict. But dream car collector Joseph E. Bortz somehow located that long missing show car and restored it to its past glory. Classic Cars Image Gallery During the 1950s,Wholesale Anthony Walters Jersey, "dream cars" popped up with the frequency of the annual model change. General Motors started the whole trend with the Buick Y Job,cheap ray bans, a Harley J. Earl design that dated back to 1938 and predicted the styling of the 1942 Buick. By 1953,cheap michael kors outlet, General Motors was the master at whetting the public’s appetite for dream cars via its annual Motorama show. This was the first time it traveled to various cities,cheap michael kors, and it gained tremendous publicity for General Motors. Although the corporation generally referred to its futuristic show cars as "experimental automobiles,nike jerseys," the public called them dream cars,Cheap Yeezy Boost 350, and General Motors also did so on occasion. Whatever the term,cheap replica oakleys, General Motors obliged the curious by fielding a raft of cars
    the steam vents. Great view,cheap authentic nfl jerseys, but you have to look hard for any Parks charm in what is basically an old,Replica Adidas 750 For Sale, boxy two story motel with a wheezily archaic dining room. We hiked the caldera in the morning (no lava flows are on the visible side of the mountain right now,Authenitc Jersey For Cheap Sale, for the first time in years) and then drove down to the starting point for ride 3. Several locals told us that cyclists bent on circumnavigating the Big Island mostly favor the main highways. In the third week of October we saw few road bikes at all 10 none on the back roads. But it is the back roads that offer nearly miraculous rides without killer traffic. Case in point: the old cane plantation route in the region of Kau. The slopes of Mauna Loa,nhl jerseys, the volcano that forms the entire southwest of the Big Island,Cheap Yeezy Boost Replica, are ribboned by lava flows. Since the island’s birth they have poured from the peak and are marked,michael kors store, on topo maps,discount nhl jerseys wholesale, by name and,michael kors on sale, in some cases,Cheap Jersey Wholesale, year. But we saw nothing of the 13,Wholesale Carson Palmer Jersey,680 foot volcano above its first 5,cheap fake oakleys,000 feet; clouds hugged it without

    was minimal and few of these cars were produced. Most ’55 Dodge Lancers wore tiny chrome rear fender trim suggesting fins. For ’56 Highland Park offered sharply uplifted fenders,discount christian louboutin, and Dodge wore them as well as any. Two speed PowerFlite,Patrick Peterson Jersey For Cheap Sale, the firm’s first fully automatic transmission,Authenitc LaMarr Woodley Jersey, had arrived with lever control in ’54. Now it had pushbuttons in a handy pod to the left of the wheel. Besides revised frontal styling and new interiors,Replica Matt Barkley Jersey, Dodge ’56 also advertised a stroked "Super Red Ram" V 8 with 315 cid and 218 horsepower,cheap sunglasses, versus 189 for the returning 270. The evergreen six now offered 131 horses. Available across the board was the first of the now famous "D 500" options. For ’56 this was just a four barrel carb that provided 230 horsepower. However,Authenitc Michael Floyd Jersey, a Chrysler historical publication also lists a four barrel 315 with higher compression (9.25:1 vs. 8.0 elsewhere),cheap nba jerseys, good for 260 horsepower. Other ’56 developments involved a new Lancer four door hardtop sedan in each series,cheap replica oakleys, and a "spring special"
    million to his 30 million,cheap michael kors outlet, according to SoundScan data. They are also the second best sellers since 1991,Replica Anthony Walters Jersey, when SoundScan began tracking sales,cheap christian louboutin outlet, at 58 million albums sold behind Garth Brooks’ 69 million. The music industry is hoping for some rub off for CD sales in general,Cheap Troy Niklas Jersey, which dropped almost 20% last year. The long running legal feud of Apple the computer company vs. the Beatles’ holding company,cheap michael kors handbags, Apple Corps,cheap fake ray bans, certainly hasn’t hastened the digital availability of Beatles songs on iTunes. However,Cheap NFL Womens Jersey For Sale, there have been some cracks in the plaster,cheap jerseys, so to speak. Paul McCartney has been quoted many times as saying he’d like to have the songs on iTunes,fake oakleys glasses, and EMI execs are saying the tracks are ready whenever an agreement between Apple and the remaining Beatles,cheap christian louboutin online, and surviving spouses of the deceased Beatles,michael kors on sale, can be reached. music sales. The Beatles’ "A Hard Day’s Night,Authenitc NHL Jersey For Sale," released in 1964,wholesale jerseys from china, is widely credited as the inspiration for modern rock and music movies and videos,cheap oakleys outlet, but that movie and other Beatles’ subject matter

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